Can I apply for a visa for Mexico as a tourist through Easy Visa / Visas Mundo México while I am in my country of residence?

It is not possible to process tourist visas for anyone from Mexico. The process is carried out directly from the Mexican Consulate closest to you or from your country of residence if there is a Mexican Consulate there. If you wish we can give you legal support with the preparation of documents and requirements to attend the Consulate with the complete documentation. The cost per person for the advice is 120 usd + money transfer fees + VAT if applicable.

Can you support me issuing an invitation letter to obtain a tourist visa for Mexico?

It is NOT possible to issue invitation letters from Mexico for tourists wishing to visit Mexico. The only letters to obtain a visa are issued by entities of recognized name to attend official events.

I want to work in Mexico. Can you support me to get my working visa?

In order to support you with this service, we need you to have a formal job offer letter from a duly authorized company and with current permission to hire foreigners in Mexico. If the company does not have permission to hire foreigners then it must be processed first and later the foreigner’s application will follow. This can lead to significant delays, so take it into account for your future plans.

We can support you mediating between the company and you to get the documents we need to be able to carry out the job application request.

I want to reside in Mexico as a foreigner. Can you help me?

In order to support you with this service, we need you to have a job offer or be a direct family member of a person living in Mexico as a resident or as a national of Mexico. (it applies only to spouses of legal residents; mothers and/or fathers of legal residents, children under 18 years old. NOT siblings, cousins, etc)

My husband/wife is in his/her country and I want him/her to come and live with me. Can you help me?

In order to support you with this legal service, we need you to have a marriage certificate duly registered in your Civil Registry and with apostille if the document was not issued in Mexico. From there we will assess the steps to be able to advise you and have your partner getting a family unit visa.

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